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"Michael gets to the core of your issues and guides you into fixing them. It is intense and rewarding. I would say that one session equals 10 with a regular therapist." - Nancy Custeau


"I had an amazing EVOX session with Michael R Weir! It's a computer based program that help to reframe your unhealthy perceptions.  It accomplished in one hour what could take months of therapy! Very cool Stuff!"  Robyn Race - Co-Owner of Evolve Wellness Spa and Psychotherapist


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email: michaelrweir@comcast.net for more info or to book a session!  

I am located in person in Washington, PA just 30 minutes south of Pittsburgh and 10 minutes for the Meadowlands Racetrack and Casino and Tanger Outlet Shops!

Although I have a wonderful office to do sessions in person, most of my sessions are conducted via Skype, FaceTime or Facebook video messenger with the majority of my clients residing in New York and LA.   I've done work with

TV personalities, Movie Stars, Directors, Screen Writers, Producers,  Opera Singers,  Professional Dancers,  College and Pro Athletes who are stars in Football, Hockey and Golf.  I have also done sessions with many Medical Doctors, Surgeons, Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists, Nurses and their families.   It's been a great pleasure to help all of them over the past 31 years.  



Michael R. Weir, CH.t.


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Pricing as of March, 21st 2017

I have 31 years experience as an intuitive regression hypnotherapist.  All sessions are one on one with me personally. 

All Regression Hypnotherapy sessions are now from 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 hours long sessions depending on how much time you choose to book per session.  EVOX Sessions are one hour long and run $179

Regression Hypnotherapy to work on issues, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, PTSD, and other traumas in this lifetime are ($175 for a 1 hour session) ($250 for 1.5 hour session)  ($350 for a 2 hour session)  ($500 for a 3 hour session)    

Past Life Regressions and PLR Therapy sessions including Advanced Energy Work are ($175 for 1 hour sessions)  ($250 for 1.5 hours)  ($350 for 2 hour sessions)   ($500 for 2.5 to 3 hour sessions)

Chronic Pain Release with PLR Therapy and Advanced Energy Work sessions are usually 1.5 hours ($250) up to 2 hours ($350).   Usually 1 to 3 sessions I can help clients to be completely free of severe chronic pain that clients have suffered with for years.    

Energy Allergy Reversal sessions are 40 minutes long and are $120.  Yes, I can help you to be free of any allergy you have been suffering from.  I use Kinesiology to energy, or muscle test you.  I can only work on one allergy at a time using this method.  

Hypnotherapy Allergy Release sessions are $175 and are 1 hour long.  The difference is with the hypnotherapy session you get to find out what was causing you're allergy in the first place.  Sometimes we have time to do more than one allergy in a hypnotherapy session.

Sports Performance Sessions are 1 hour long and are done with the ZYTO EVOX machine.  It is the fastest way for you, or your children to perform at the highest level possible. Usually 3 to 5 sessions are required.  Sessions are $179 per session.

Connecting Directly with my Loved Ones in Spirit sessions are 1 hour long and are $175.

Removal of Spirit Attachments, DFE's, De-Possions, Curses, Etheric Implants, Other types Implants sessions $175 per hour.   Often these can be the cause of severe Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Depression.  Clients often feel totally different after in the best way!  Light, happy, calm and peaceful! 

Weight Loss Program - 1st step that I require is a comprehensive health Bioscan called the Lifestyle scan that is done in convenience of your own home. This scan is done through the Well Core Network.   Contact Dr. Michelle Markham to book your Lifestyle scan at drmarkhamnd@gmail.com.   The cost of this is $49.95 for the hand cradle (rental) sent to your home, or $100 to $125 to purchase a used hand cradle, and $239 for the personalized health Lifestyle Bioscan.  A PDF emailed to you which can be over 100 pages long.  My first one was 67 page and was beyond valuable to know what I had to do to get in the best health possible.  The Bioscan includes Dr. Michelle Markham reading your scan and giving you a video detailing what all is happening with your health.  We need to see what is happening inside first and address things on this level first.  After your scan and video health consultation Dr. Markham and I will discuss a personalized weight loss plan for you based on what we discovered.  To give you an example if I figure we may need to start with 3 two hour regression hypnotherapy sessions getting to the roots and working though any and all emotional reasons for holding onto extra weight, and 5 EVOX Perception Reframing sessions (shifting the way we think about something.  For example with the EVOX we can shift resistance to exercising and help you to enjoy it.  We can release addiction to certain foods, and much more), plus additional supplements to balance out issues such as a thyroid issue (if that is what comes up on the bioscan) we need to work though, then that is where we will start.  The health scan will also let you know what foods are good for you, what foods are not.  Many other things that may be out of balance can be brought back in though diet, supplements, and working though trauma's or other emotional causes, helping you to profoundly change stress in your life and more.  The great thing is you will not just be becoming more fit, you will also be physical and emotionally more healthy and balanced in all areas!   My Weight Loss program usually runs from $1700 to $4500 depending on how much we have to work though for you to not only reach your health goals, but maintain that healthy lifestyle for life and be the best you that you can be! 

Stop Smoking Program - 1st session 1 hr regression hypnotherapy on good feelings connected with smoking from earlier in this life or past lifetimes.  We break these positive associations.  Then I do 5 (or more) EVOX perception reframing sessions with you.  Depending on how many you need.  So it's a minimum of $925 and could be more depending on what you need to become a non smoker for life!   So it only $925 to get healthy NOW!  

ZYTO EVOX Single Topic Sessions are 1 hour long and are $179 per session.  There is no hypnosis involved in these sessions.  The technology works at a profound level to shift the way we think about things.  

ZYTO EVOX Generational Sessions are 1 hour long each working on each person in your life.  This is up to 8 sessions and is $1432 for working with issues with family and friends.

We are offering in office Perception Reframing ZYTO EVOX sessions.   These sessions do not involve hypnosis and work though issues using a ZYTO EVOX system.  Sessions topic sessions are 1 hour long and and are flat rate of $179 per session.   www.zyto.com scroll down and click on EVOX to learn more about it.  

Clients are starting to ask "I want to do EVOX sessions with you but I'm not local.  How can I do this?"  You can rent a ZYTO EVOX hand cradle here http://wellcorenetwork.com/services/store/hand-cradle-rental/ for two weeks for $49.00 and we can schedule your session in that time period.  Each additional week rental is just $25 per week.  Sometimes other members of the family want to work though their issues while you still have the hand cradle.    

I accept Cash, Check, Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover Card, PayPal and I might barter for nice guitars as forms of payment.  I do NOT accept any Money Orders.  PayPal payment can be made to michaelrweir@comcast.net. 

The Well Core Network offering comprehensive Biocommunication Health Scans using the ZYTO Hand cradle and ELITE system for just $239!  You can book this scan my emailing Dr. Michelle Markham at drmarkhamnd@gmail.com 

Full Lifestyle Scan includes up to 50 to over 100 pages of detailed health info on you and a 30 minute video done by Dr. Michelle Markham discussing your health scan and suggesting a plan of action to get you back to you're best health.   Dr. Markham also offers a 6 month health coaching program for just $1700.  Contact Dr. Markham at drmarkhamnd@gmailcom to learn more about this!   I do not offer the health scans in my office.   I'm sharing this info because I had it done and it's amazing how detailed it is and how well it works!

You can rent a ZYTO hand cradle here http://wellcorenetwork.com/services/store/hand-cradle-rental/ for two weeks and we can schedule your session in that time period.  EVOX rental is just $49.95 for two weeks.  Each additional week rental is just $25 per week.    Click this link to learn more about health scans and to book your own health scan with the Well Core Network  http://wellcorenetwork.com/biocommunication-scans-from-well-core-network/ 


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Open by appointment from 8:00 Am to 10:00 PM Mon. - Fri.  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM on Sat. - Sun EST.  

I work with clients all over the world via FaceTime, Skype, Facebook video messenger, or if your local or feel like traveling you can work with me in person.  I did more Skype and FaceTime sessions in 2017 than I did in person.  Skype and FaceTime sessions work great!     

My home wellness office is located in Washington, PA just 30 miles south of Pittsburgh just 10 minutes from the Meadowlands Casino and Race Track and Tanger Oulet Shops! You can do a session go gamble, catch a show and shop after!  

email michaelrweir@comcast.net 

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