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    My mission is to empower each client to achieve his or her goals of emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

Healing your past...

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"Michael gets to the core of your issues and guides you into fixing them. It is intense and rewarding. I would say that one session equals 10 with a regular therapist." - Nancy Custeau

"Michael's work has helped me so much. One therapy session with Michael is worth at least half a year or more of traditional therapy. He gets you straight to the matter at hand and helps you to walk through the sludge to get to the clear road of your life. I value Michael's work so much that I send my daughters to him, too. We all love and appreciate the work he has done to help this family with our emotional healing." - Holly Gallogly

"There's nothing else to say. When you are in Michael Weir's hands, you're with the best. Effortless and totally 100% dedicated to helping you heal. Just amazing." - Rick DiClemente



"I don't want to work on issues but just want to find out who I was in a past life. Can you do that?"  

Yes, I do Past Life Regressions for exploration as well as Past Life Regression Therapy.  Sessions are two hours long so we have time for you to re-expereience a good number of your past lives!  You can even find out life times that you shared with family members, friends, spouses or boy or girlfriends!  So what are you waiting for?  Call now to find out! 


For many people who have issues some of the most common issue I help clients to be free of are...


Allergies, such as, allergies to pollen, rag weed, wheat, dust, mold, feathers, perfumes, colognes, and multiple chemical sensitivity allergies.

 Anxiety, I can help with relieving moderate to severe anxiety such as, fears of life,  crossing bridges, tunnels, heights, open spaces, spiders, tight spaces (claustrophobia), dark, public speaking and many more. 

I can also help you to release anger and assist you to reach forgiveness of others and self. 

Depression - Such as, anger at self, and being able to help you work though those feelings that make you feel like you can't go on.  

Low Self Esteem - Hypnotherapy can help you through all the subconscious reasons to having low self-esteem, by helping you to dramatically raise your self-esteem level. 

 Chronic Pain - For every physical ailment, there is an emotional attachment. Through hypnotherapy, I can assist you in discovering the root cause of the stuck emotion in our muscles, which causes a mild oxygen depravation in our muscles.  This mild oxygen depravation is when chronic pain and muscle aches often come from.   By releasing this trapped emotion, it allows the oxygen to flow back into the muscles, which in turn releases the pain. 

Stress - I have discovered an amazing technique guide you though the stress in your life, which can be caused by life partners, family members, co-workers, or various situations you repeatedly find yourself in. You will never be stressed or angry the same way again!

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) - Feeling like you need to run to the bathroom when you get nervous or stressed, find your getting the runs a lot?  I help you to get to the subconscious roots of this why this is happening and helping you to work though these roots so you no longer are affected the same way and your bowel movements start to become comfortable and regular. 

Relationship challenges - By discovering root cause of what is occurring within your relationship and helping you work though those issues.

Grief from end of relationships - I am able to help you release the sadness that comes sometimes at the end of a relationship.  

Quit Smoking - By uncovering the reasons you are smoking, you will be able to release yourself form the emotional attachment/addiction to tobacco and begin a much healthier lifestyle without nicotine. 

Weight Loss - By discovering the emotional cause as to why you are retaining the weight or wanting to over eat.  I can help you to release that emotion and guide you to creating a weight loss program that works for you.   

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Call or text 412-716-8894 or email: michaelrweir@comcast.net for more info or to book a session!

I am located in Washington, PA just 20 minutes south of Pittsburgh and 10 minutes for the Meadowlands Racetrack and Casino and Tanger Outlet Shops!



Michael R. Weir, CH.t.


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All sessions are two hours long and are one on one with me personally.  How sure am I that I can help you? So sure that I changed my prices to you pay what you feel the session was worth or what you feel you can afford to pay for a two hour session! 

  I accept Cash, Check, Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover Card as forms of payment.  

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My home wellness office is located in Washington, PA just 20 miles south of Pittsburgh just 10 minutes from the Meadowlands Casino and Race Track and Tanger Oulet Shops! You can do a session go gamble, catch a show and shop after!  

Call or text 412-716-8894 or email michaelrweir@comcast.net 

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