If you're looking for Clinical Hypnotherapy Pittsburgh, Pa you have found the place you've been searching for!

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At Heritage Hypnotherapy Pittsburgh, our goal is empower each client to experience their true power to heal themselves.  

Many of us have no idea how powerful we truly are.  When you come for sessions with me, you are going to discover just how powerful you are.  Your self esteem will rise to a level you may have never thought was possible.   Your ability to know that you can achieve any goal you set for yourself will be realized and experienced.  

More than just healing from your health issues, you will discover who you truly are.  Who you really are is much more amazing than your wildest dreams.  Call 412-716-8894 for more info or to book a sessions now!

Come take back the power you lost to others and discover just how powerful you are!  For some answers to FAQ questions about hypnosis  Click Here



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Each of your sessions at Heritage Hypnotherapy are two hours long.  I have a sliding scale from $140 - $500 per session.  You pay what you feel you are able to afford in that range.  

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Tuesday - Sunday 6am to 10pm

We currently offer one, and will add a second location in September! Clinical Hypnotherapy locations in the Washington/Pittsburgh area to serve all your needs.  Call 412-716-8894 booking or more info

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Want to find out how true wellness happens?  Then watch the latest Success Story films!  Who will be the next success story?  Tune in to find out!

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