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"Michael gets to the core of your issues and guides you into fixing them. It is intense and rewarding. I would say that one session equals 10 with a regular therapist." - Nancy Custeau


"Michael's work has helped me so much. One therapy session with Michael is worth at least half a year or more of traditional therapy. He gets you straight to the matter at hand and helps you to walk through the sludge to get to the clear road of your life. I value Michael's work so much that I send my daughters to him, too. We all love and appreciate the work he has done to help this family with our emotional healing." - Holly Gallogly


"There's nothing else to say. When you are in Michael Weir's hands, you're with the best. Effortless and totally

100% dedicated to helping you heal. Just amazing." - Rick DiClemente



I want to find out who I was in a past life. Can you do that? 


Yes, I do Past Life Regressions for exploration as well as Past Life Regression Therapy.  Sessions are two hours long so we have time for you to re-expereience a good number of your past lives!  You can even find out life times that you shared with family members, friends, spouses or boy or girlfriends!  


All session are now professionally audio recorded so you can have a copy to take with you after your session!


So what are you waiting for?  Call now to find out! 




Hey I heard about you! Your the guy who can help people to talk to their dead relatives!

One correction, I'm that guy who helps client's to talk to the living...

No one can talk to the dead...  Not, John Edwards, not James Van Prague, no one can talk to a dead body...

However you're loved ones are the timeless eternal energy or spirit that used to animate that body,  who they really are can never die... 

​This is why I can easily help you to talk to the living spirit that they are... Cause they are not dead...

I'm the guy who helps people to "Talk to the living..."

Cause they are very much alive in spirit that they are eternally...

You might say OK, I get it now! How does it work?

First I get your conscious mind out of the way.  Then I put one hand on your forehead and I focus the other hand on who you want to talk to and I am a bridge from this world to the next...

When this is happening I feel lots of energy and sometimes my hair stands up on my arms. lol  

Clients, experience a direct and private communication with them and their loved ones, many are able to hug them and hang out.  

It a truly wonderful thing to experience that they are very much alive and well! 



New client; "Hey I've heard Jesus came into my friends session and helped him! Do you think he will come into my session? "

Me: Do you want him to come and help you?

New client: Yes! I do!

Me: Then of course he will!


I find it funny that so many people are waiting around for Jesus, as if he's been on some 2000+ year vacation and is just

partying it up somewhere while

we are having a difficult time down here.  Well I can tell you this he comes into about 90% of the sessions I do and helps

my clients in ways that are every bit as wonderful and amazing as his reputation states in the bible...


I remember last year a client said they were atheist.  I asked during his session "Would it be ok if Jesus shows up and an helps us cause it will 

take you a lot less sessions to get to where you want to go if he helps us." 

My client said "Sure if he shows up he can help me"

So I put my hand on his forehead and focus on Jesus and about five seconds

later my client says "Son of a bitch... Jesus is here..."

and he laughs...


I said is it OK to ask him to help us?  He said "Sure, Jesus can you help me with 

my issues?"


and Jesus said "Always..."


Then he helped him though what would have taken at least five sessions, took only one to work though. 


If you reading this and your thinking "Your trying to convert me to christianity."  

No, I'm not.  I could care less what you believe.  


I just can't stand to see people suffering with issues any longer than they have to...

I don't ever push my beliefs on anyone.  


I tell my clients that Jesus is my homeboy! They will laugh when I say this.

In reality he really is my homeboy!  He's my best friend...


I exist here in life to be of service to the holy spirit.  I don't go to any church, I live church 

every moment of my life... 


I can tell you this...  Jesus has not been on some 2000+ year vacation.  He is truly here right now.  


Those who believe he is here to 

judge you, you are both right and wrong.  He is here to judge not your actions in life, but your incorrect perception that your just

​a body.  


He is here now to get you to experience that you are the timeless eternal energy that animates this body.  When you car that you 

​use to go though out life in stops moving it is because you, as the amazing spirit you are have left that body, for it was 

just a vehicle for you to ride around in during this life time.  


Jesus said "Very truly I tell you, unless your are born again, you cannot see the kingdom of God" 


Many taken this and have turned it into a faith that you must be a born again christian to see the kingdom of God and I 

must go out and save everyone and convert them.


Back way before the bible was wrote during Jesus's earth life that he was famous for he often spoke in parables.  

The purpose of this was to have an

understanding of God now, and later with more learning to have

a new greater understanding of his words.


There were times though when he just spoke the direct truth.  

What he meant by this was

you will not remember your father in just lifetime, it will take you many lifetimes here on earth before you are done

playing and pretending that you are separate from God before you finally say Ok I'm done playing here and 

I'm ready to come home...


When this happens you are no longer going to reincarnate into new vehicles or bodies, but your sprit will remember the 

ultimate truth of God.  He is not some wrathful, vengeful, white dude like Charles Bronson on steroids coming to 

kick your ass cause your a messed up kid...


God is perfect... 


For God to be perfect then by definition that which he creates must also be perfect...


He created your soul or spirit...


Yes, that is perfect, for when you let go of everything you don't absolutely need all you have left is

you're eternal spirit of unconditional love...


and you smile an eternal smile as you will know your safe in Gods 

arms eternally..


​We are on a journey here...  


I am a guide to help you though all the rough spots on your Journey...


Isn't time for you to accept some real help?


Call now and get the real help you've been waiting for!  


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Michael R. Weir, CH.t.


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