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Adult SessionsEVOX

ZYTO's EVOX is a system where I work with individuals on a wide range of areas that effect a persons everyday life. The EVOX can change easily shift the way we see things in life to alow us to easily achive our goals!  Here are just a few of the issues that can be helped using the EVOX.

Stress Management

Michael has a 100% success rate in dramatically decreasing the stress in your life! A one hour EVOX session with Michael. They homework that you complete and send back to Michael. Clients are blown away by how much happier they are after just one session!

End Relationship Stress

Beyond tired of argueing all the time? EVOX and Michael's relationship stress relief techniques dramatically help your relationships!

Chronic Pain Relief

EVOX shows subconscous emotions and helps to refraim the perceptions. More oxygen naturally flows into muscle tissue which used to hold stuck emotions!

Addictions Smoking / Drugs / Alcohol

The EVOX can refrain the subconscious perceptions for these addictions allowing you to finally be free!

Getting Organized

EVOX can easily help you to reframe your subconscious perceptions so you can get organized!

Eliminating Procrastination

EVOX can help you to change all the subconsious perceptions so that you are free of procrastination!

Sports Performance

EVOX can help you really help you, or your children to preform at the highest level!